Eastside LB (Feat. Krystle Tugadi)

by Shining Sons Feat. Krystle Tugadi



The last Weeklyleak song today Tuesday 3/29/11! Off the 'Comin' From the Eastside" Mixtape dropping this Saturday 4/2/11


Long Beach, California East side of the city
Born and raised pacific hospital and life wasn't easy
On 5th St. my heart is where it be
Remember when snoop put it on for the beach

Stop by the bargain mart get me some pro clubs
To the homies on Cerritos yeah much love
Been through a lot but at the end this is home
No time for tripping so don't pass my zone

On the way to poly apartments to chill
Then beach cruise to poly burgers just to get a meal
Poly high, V.I.P, Atlantic PCH
Steelers and Raiders go head to head on MLK

Turf by the Surf where every moments worth
Eastsida'z throw them up and despite all the dirt
Beach city rider in the belly of the east
Shoutout to the Twinz who layed it down on these streets

Hook x2 (Krystle Tugadi):
cuz' this is Eastside Long Beach

Now as time passes by I sit and wonder where it all went
Down in MLK when DPG was the click
Like Nate dogg said these days you got to be strapped
Lil homies quick to loc up on you all on your back

We Eastside steady dippin' with the Twinz on repeat
Glad to know my loc's out on bail came out clean
LBC strong beach yea we one a kind
In the city where peace ain't that hard to find

Down to one five the homie's representing khmer
Smash through 10 St. Samoans keeping it live
But just know i got love for my LB peeps
For the homie's locked down solid on these streets

I throw the E up high dogg, is where im from
Take a deep breath now the ocean breeze in my lungs
So i suggest you peep, and recognize the game
Long Beach ES I rep it everyday

Hook x2 (Krystle Tugadi):
Cuz' this is Eastside Long Beach

Intellect & Jedi:
So we cruise with the homies on a nighttime stroll
Rollin down pine and see the city lights glow
Bro I know it's all good without holdin' the gun
But we ain't gotta worry so we gonna have fun

So we gonna keep it crackin' in the city so fine
and why is that?
We do what it do and we pushin the line
Time to party on the East bring your friends, cuz' we ain't got nothin' but love for the city we in

Jedi x2:
Well if you groove to this don't let go
If you move to this, well then locc
Because ain't no party like a Eastside party
cuz' a Eastside party ain't no joke

Hook x2 (Krystle Tugadi):
Cuz' this is Eastside Long Beach


released March 29, 2011



all rights reserved