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Letter To Mom

by Shining Sons

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Dedicated to all the Mothers of the world today, Happy Mothers Day!


Now this is a story, my testimony about a working class mother
When dad passed away she raised two sons with two brothers
Left the homeland, a long with no fam
Had to figure out how to raise a grown man

She be living caregiving, but we're living poverty lives
She's looking over the bills with red watery eyes
Taking care of the patients, day by day she's getting braver
Doing the dirty work do whatever to chase that paper

When momma come home three times a month
A spoon full of struggles to many times a bunch
Dreams of a new life change, pain, and pleasure
A reunited family, a love that last forever you know

So mom I'm writing you this get well letter
Even though there's injustice this life will get better
To all the migrant workers be patient and listen
Dream of a better society make it feel so vivd

From a north east coast in a small town of Mindanao
Where life's a little happier, mom felt proud
Before she left home, had to give up all her livelihood
On the plane thinking everything is going to be good

Thousand miles away, landed on the west
Welcome to America so now what is next?
Followed pops a long the way, '93 two baby's born
Now a family to raise up in the states

Settled in for a new life a new chapter
A nurse she was expecting to be but not until after that,
Giving care to the old and the weak
20 years 'til now her dreams sitting on a seat

Real struggles of an overseas Filipina worker
Suffered family problems now it's time to move further
If it wasn't for your strong spirit, throughout many sacrifices
For the future that you're reciting

Chorus 3x: (scratches)
Dear Mama
A poor single mother on welfare
It's a struggle everyday got to roll on
If you can make it through the night, there's a brighter day


released May 10, 2015
Lyrics: Intellect & Jedi
Produced by: Jedi
Scratches: ET


all rights reserved


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