Life (scratches by DJ ET)

by Jedi (Shining Sons)

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This is my first ever track I done back in April 09 when I first met DJ ET and ReVision, and experienced myself in a recording studio session. This song means a lot to me because of my past growing up along with my bro in Long Beach, California on the Eastside, almost on my way to a life that would of lead me to either jail, or be dead. This song reminds me of my Dad Roy Jimenez, he past away in July 5th in 2006 when I was 13. You will hear more of the story on this track. Enjoy ya'll!!!


Verse 1:

Listen to my words that I spit It goes like this
I'm tryna make my life better
But it seems like life is getting harder the struggle gettin' worser
That's why I gotta live and be a hard worker

Can't even take it in I feel like I can't breathe
I just wanna be free it keeps coming to me
Stuck in a world of hate and nothin' to release
Tryna make moms happy family on ease

Every minute of the day wonder what's the purpose of livin'
Never expected this life I'm living
I remember the worst times that was so vivid
My soul and my heart my feelings all hidden

But I gotta keep moving on and keep praying
Can't stay forever continue life as I make it
Believe and the trust that will keep moving me
Do whatever I can to make myself increase

Verse 2:

Life on the Eastside just another day on the block
From the toughest to the roughest that's the knowledge I got
School wasn't shit to me I dealt with a lot
Tryna survive catchin' up to the top

Pops passed away at a very young age
No responsibilities or priorities to make
All that time wasted didn't have much faith
Unconscious, but still made it through my day

Pathway that I couldn't even follow
Just realizing that I in a trap so shallow
Day and night as the sun goes down
The sun comes up satisfaction never found

Im a young dude but still I keep going
Never forget the bad times still flowing
Even though my life was so close to gettin' stolen
Just know that I made it up till' the damn mornin'

Verse 3:

Man I'm trapped in the gutta full of snakes and thieves
The truth ain't always gonna be what you see
I just wish they bring my pops back to me
But at that moment when he passed man I didn't believe

I heard my mother hurtin' and cryin'
No more room for this shit people lien and dyin'
Ain't nobody care when it comes to life
Still learning to overcome all these hard times

I regret all the things I commit so out of line
Thinking if my future is worth all my life
Shout out to my momma Ima always be your Shining Sons
Rest in Peace Love Pops see you when I get done

Chorus 3x: (scratches)
Life as shorty shouldn't be so rough
Learn to overcome the hard aches of pain


released October 28, 2011
Edited by: ReVision
Scratches by: DJ ET



all rights reserved