Think Outside The Box (prod. by 6fingers)

by Shining Sons

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Made for the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union of California) Essay Contest For Teens


Verse 1 (Intellect):
Now let me tell y’all,

The population, the working class amongst the victims
The injustices committed by the state, picture so vivid
So never will I bow down to a failed system
While we always wonder why our tax money’s missin

I care about rebuildin’ the hood, makin’ it good
For the governor, I make sure the struggle is understood
Guilty of the color of my skin, that’s imprisonment
No justice, no peace, for the poor and innocence

We’re spendin’ our figures, makin’ their pockets thicker
The state of denial, California prisons getting bigger
While oppression exists, we just maintainin’ the status quo
Marchin’ to the capital makin’ a change that is radical

See the solution, ain’t incarceration
Yet the FEDS steadily waitin’ for the infiltration
With every chance they get, they want to lock us up
More state prison bunk beds, they want the profit up

Black and brown youth in the system overcrowded
Sacramento politicians ain’t gon’ do nothing about it
So they roll with the punches, Jerry brown is just a puppet
$7.3 billion dollars in prison funding

Instead of spendin’ billions on sentencing the innocent
We need to fund schools, with education that is relevant
That’s why its up to us, change from the bottom up
Break it down chop it up so my people know what’s up

The California justice system is failing on us. The War on Drugs? It’s an attack on the working class people. More prisons means more poverty and more injustice.

We got to educate organize mobilize our communities to fight against these unjust laws that are made to oppress the working class. Folks just like you and me. I’m just statin’ the truth from the facts.


released October 17, 2012



all rights reserved