Workers (feat. Kiwi)

by Shining Sons

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For International Workers Day, dedicated to all the working people across the world


In this society we came up, raised in the struggle
Working 9 to 5 hard grind, stress from the hustle
My eyes grow muscles, trying hard to balance
Cause the wage that you earn ain't really what you deserve

So I wake up in the morning, still ain’t making enough
Dollar after dollar every day rush
All the blood, sweat and tears just to make ends
Only paid just to work from the AM
No time for the fam, hangin' on the weekends
Looking at the future better life you bringin'
They say our struggle is not meant to be heard
Time is now, let’s show em what we really worth

Take it back to the 30's, a generation full of hate
Every day, the system is known to be crooked
Once there is no food on your plate
Manongs, Manangs, Hawaiian field workers, the Sakadas
Back-breaking labor once the owners come in and rob us

4,000 Filipinos leave the homeland
Every single day tryna get it for the fam
Teach in schools or care for the ill
Swear in the Navy, work for dem dolla bills
Stuck in the cubicle 4x4
These don’t cater to the people's growth
Came to the US with a degree
Status went low now ya ain’t free

Flyin across the Atlantic, the land of the free she landed
Plottin' a plan to be stacking, but the government left her be stranded
Giving care to the old, under the table her labor sold
Crooked politicians do control, her story not really told, left in the cold

Take it to the present Grand Isle Shipyard
Filipinos workers came to work abroad
American dream was what they wanna be
Discriminated, bowed down on they knees
It wasn’t until 3 Filipinos died
Came to the US so they can all strive
Chained to the oil rig, flooded with lies
Yellin out justice, keep up with the fight!

All the youth stand up for the workers (for the workers)
All of you stand up for the workers (for the workers)
Everybody stand up for the workers (for the workers)
Everybody rise up for the workers (for the workers)

Get up and organize with the workers (with the workers)
Build the movement side-by-side with the workers (with the workers)
Everybody mobilize with the workers (with the workers)
Everybody get live with the workers (with the workers)


released May 1, 2013
Produced by Jedi



all rights reserved